COVID-19 Announcement #2

July 7, 2020

Dear Friends of the Blawenburg Band

We love music! We love to rehearse and we love to play for you, our enthusiastic and loyal audience. Due to COVID-19, we have had to suspend our in-person rehearsals and we have canceled all performances through the end of 2020. An exception may be our 2020 Anniversary Concert, which we’ve re-scheduled for November 8, IF conditions allow.

We’ve been deeply disappointed that we haven’t been able to work together to bring you the music we love to play and you love to hear. But we are still a band! We have regular online meetings and of course, we’re all practicing our instruments at home. We must consider the safety of our members and our audience. When it’s safe, we will be back with a full schedule of performances. Please check our website for updates.

Unfortunately, our ongoing expenses have not been suspended.We have received donations from many of our loyal fans in the last few months and we greatly appreciate your generosity and help in getting through this unprecedented period. Additional donations would help greatly, and can be made on-line or by mail.