ATT: 8/22/2022 performance at the Hopewell Train Station has been cancelled due to weather. 

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The Band is currently looking for musicians who play clarinet or oboe to join our ranks.

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The Blawenburg Band

Living the Community Band Tradition

Founded in Blawenburg, New Jersey, in 1890, the Blawenburg Band is a community band – part of a great tradition that began when towns depended on their own people to provide live music. The Band is known as one of the oldest community bands in the state, and among the most active, playing about 20-25 concerts a year at holiday parades, community celebrations, church socials, and several of the nursing homes and retirement centers in the area.

The Band’s 75+ members come from all walks of life; they range in age from their teens to their nineties, and include teachers, high school and college students, research scientists, computer specialists, homemakers, active retirees, lawyers, doctors, and many more. Some players have had years of musical training and professional experience; others learned to play as schoolchildren and are dedicated amateurs. The members are alike in one way, however: they enjoy making music together.

Upcoming public performances

Nothing from September 24, 2023 to February 24, 2024.

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Musicians please see full schedule for performances not open to the public.

Recognition For Service

Sincere Appreciation to Neal Azrolan, Alison Dennis and Bob Fluss for their dedication and unselfish service as officers of the Blawenburg Concert Band. Your Contributions to the band were greatly appreciated.

Band Management

Dr. Jerry Rife

Music Director & Conductor

Anthony Pappalardo

President & Assistant Director

David Gwin

Vice President & Booking Manager

Bruce Levinson


Susan Danser


John Anastasio


Tom DeFalco


Larry Tatsch


Meghann Valeo


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We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without the generous support of our fans and the general public who enjoy our many concerts.  There are many ways you can support the band, including donating, joining as a musician, and following/sharing on social media.