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The Blawenburg Band

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Neal Azrolan

Anthony Pappalardo
Vice President and Booking Manager

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Steve Mekler
Photographer/Facebook Administrator


Living the Community Band Tradition

ounded in Blawenburg, New Jersey, in 1890, the Blawenburg Band is a community band - part of a great tradition that began when towns depended on their own people to provide live music. We are one of the oldest community bands in the state, and among the most active. We play about 30 concerts a year at holiday parades, community celebrations, church socials, and many of the nursing homes and retirement centers in our area.

The 75 members of the Blawenburg Band range in age from their teens to their nineties, and include teachers and students, research scientists and computer specialists, homemakers and active retirees, a lawyer and a documentary film maker. Some players have had years of musical training and professional experience. Others learned to play as schoolchildren, and are dedicated amateurs. We are alike in one way, however: We enjoy making music together.

Our conductor, Jerry Rife, established the Blawenburg Dixieland Band several years ago to give members a chance to play this happy music. Some members even change instruments: A tuba player switches to banjo and several others perform on the spoons. Children and older adults alike typically greet the Dixie Band music with smiles and singing and even dancing.

We rehearse nearly every Monday evening of the year, usually at the Princeton Montessori School. For more information, please contact the conductor Jerry Rife (609-882-4148 or or the booking manager Anthony Pappalardo (732-735-9260 or

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Last updated: 2/17/2017